Why Choose Us

This x-ray technique is safer for patients as it facilitates a reduction in radiation by 90% compared to conventional x-ray techniques. A sensor placed in your mouth conveys the x-ray images instantly via computer onto a high resolution flat screen monitor. Our dentist is then able to instantly extrapolate the essential information.

Allows the patient to see what our dentist can see; a great way of educating patients about any potential problems as well as helping our dentist’s diagnosis by magnifying the image on to a large screen

Allows to give the patient an expected outcome to any treatment that may have been planned for them – print outs are available on request.

To help patients understand their prospective treatment we have invested in a high tech computer programme illustrating what is involved in your treatment and what you can expect the outcome to be. We are able to give you leaflets about your treatments to take away

CERECĀ® is a sophisticated, computer-based treatment system for the 21st century. It is one of the most advanced products in world dentistry. With the latest technology in computerised dentistry we are able to provide you with excellent fitting, beautifully aesthetic ceramic restorations, such as, inlays, crowns and veneers – in just ONE appointment

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