Risk of Gum Diseases

Gum disease is defined as the inflammation of gum line, which can lead to infecting the bone that is surrounding and supporting your teeth. Gum disease is further categorized into three stages (in order of their severity):

– Gingivitis

– Periodontitis

– Advanced Periodontitis

Very often, bleeding gums, while brushing teeth, are neglected by people. It is because of their lack of awareness concerning the issue– swollen and bleeding gums are a clear indication that the gums are infected with bacteria. If they are left unattended, infection can spread in the mouth, which tears down the supporting structures of teeth in your jawbone. As a result, this loosens your teeth so much that you will need to get it extracted.

Although, bacteria in plaque are the foremost origin of periodontal diseases, there are several other factors which can deteriorate the healthy state of gums.

1. Use of tobacco, specifically in the form of smoking, causes periodontal diseases. Greater the consumption of tobacco, greater is a person exposed to gum diseases. It leads to accumulation of tartar on your teeth. Not just that, smokers who are suffering from gum diseases end up losing more bone structure. However, smoking (use of tobacco) undoubtedly triggers the negative impact of gum diseases. Thus, giving up this indulgence can play a vital role in preventing and controlling gum diseases.

2. Usually, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth and braces make it difficult to brush or floss the teeth. When the teeth brushing task is not performed ideally, it increases plaque and tartar formation in the month. Eventually, excess of tartar in mouth activates the risk of gum diseases.

3. Stress weakens body immune system. This diminishes a person’s strength to fight off infections and diseases. Hence, the risk of presence of gum diseases increases, dramatically.

4. Exerting more pressure (as a result of grinding and gritting) can speed up the breakdown of ligament and bone. If your gums are already inflamed, then grinding and clenching of teeth can make it more severe. To bring this habit of people under control, dentists offer a device, called occlusal or bite guard, which tones down the intensity of pressure caused by clenching or grinding.

5. Hormonal imbalance is normally caused because of puberty, pregnancy, and also, menopause. When there are highs and lows in the hormone levels, risk of occurrence and severity of gum diseases increases.

6. To ensure the overall good health and fit state of gums and mouth, a proper diet is mandatory. Poor nutrition makes people more prone to gum diseases. For instance, deficiency of Vitamin C results in bleeding gums.

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